Our Product


We are committed to provide the best broking services to all insured of our all business line. The experience and knowledge we have will be harmonized with our insurance and reinsurance network so that we can provide an alternative insurance program that can answer the needs of the insured.

How We Work

There are several key activities performed by an insurance broker on providing the best insurance program:

  • Analyzing the risks of subject matter of the Insured
  • Providing advice on how to handle risks faced by the insured
  • Designing an insurance program that meet the needs of the Insured
  • Selecting insurance companies in terms of financial strength ("security approach") and terms of commitment and reputation
  • Presenting the risks to insurance company and negotiating the wide scope of coverage as well as the competing premiums
  • Consistently Monitoring the condition and situation of any changes in the insurance industry
  • Assisting and handling claims that occur in terms of procedures and documentation as well as negotiating a reasonable and adequate claim value to the Insured

Why it must be Brokers?

Enriched with the knowledge and experience as well as the large number of business portfolios, enable the Broker in negotiating the extent of the coverage and the premium to the insurance company. This benefits will not be achieved if the insured directly contact the insurance company.

What We Serve

Our company has two main business lines, non-marine business lines and marine business lines. The release of our marine business is one of our responsive actions to the needs of the market, as we noted that current marine insurance industry in Indonesia is keep growing. Moreover, considering some government policies that support the building of awareness of using insurance for all business players in Indonesia, made us involving in this kind of marine business.
Unfortunately, the equality of marine insurance knowledge between industry player and insurance company in Indonesia is still questioned. Additionally, the uniqueness of the marine insurance program makes it more complex to bind and cover the program. Therefore, we present our new business of marine insurance brokers in early 2018 to address all these challenges and conditions.

Marine Insurance Program Our experience, knowledge and network enable us in presenting the marine insurance program as follows:

  • Hull & Machinery
  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Marine Cargo / Marine Open Cover
  • Marine Liability

Insurance Consultancy Program

  • We are also able to serve a consultancy program for both insurance coverage consultancy and claims handling consultancy. Spreading the knowledge of insurance to each business players, particularly to the insured is part of our company's goal. So, we are happy and honored to give consultancy to you.