Our History

PT. Istpro Inti Nusa, is one of reputable broker insurance in Indonesia, established on 21 December 2006 in Jakarta. Our establishment is legally noted and acknowledged as recoreded in the formal documents as below :

  • Notary Publik Rina Utami Djauhari, S.H. No. 10 dated 21 December 2006
  • Ministry of Law and Human Right of Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-87575.AH.01.02. year of 2008
  • Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia No. KEP-157/KM.10/2007 dated 7 August 2007
  • Association of Indonesian insurance brokers and reinsurance brokers (APPARINDO) No.148-2007/APPARINDO/2014 since 05 January 2014